We’ve recently launched our new Timbre Group membership app and would love for you to try it out!

By downloading the Timbre Group membership app, you become a Timbre Group member instantly. In addition, the app allows you to earn rebates, make reservations, order, pay, make song dedications and more on your phone.

As a Timbre Group member, apart from birthday perks and exclusive invites to our gigs and experiences, whenever you spend at our venues (Timbre X @ The Substation, Timbre X @ The Arts House & Switch by Timbre X, you earn 10%* rebate in form of Timbre$ (T$). T$ works as real currency when you pay your bill at the venues above. So the more you spend, the more you earn!

Invite friends to download the new Timbre Group membership app (go to your profile –> Refer Your Friends option). When they become members (your referees) and spend at our venues, you earn more T$ as they spend too!

Click here to download the new Timbre Group membership app today.

*only applicable on bill portions not paid with Timbre$. See FAQ below.

We have a minimum one drink per customer policy at our venues.

No membership fee is required. All you have to do is to download the Timbre Group membership app and register. You will be a Timbre Group member automatically after registration.

You can use the Timbre Group membership app so long as you have a Singapore mobile number. Unfortunately, verification of app usage is not applicable on non-Singapore mobile numbers yet.

T$ is a currency owned and managed by Timbre Group which customers can use to pay for their bills at Timbre venues.

You can earn T$ as you spend at Timbre venues. Entry level members enjoy a 10% rebate on their bills in form of T$. Please note that the rebates are only applicable on bill portions not paid with T$ (see point 5).

By referring friends to the membership app, you can earn even more T$ when your friends spend as a member. You earn 10% of their earned T$ from each bill transaction… for life!

Yes, of course you can. Just make sure that you make at least one order through the app so the point-of-sales system can capture your member status and usage. You can use T$ to offset your bill. Remainder of the bill can be paid with cash or credit card. You will earn T$ based on the amount of the bill not offset by T$.


You can use T$ at Timbre @ The Substation, Timbre @ The Arts House, Timbre @ Gillman, Switch by Timbre and Barber Shop by Timbre. We will be launching the same membership programme in Timbre @ The Row in Kuala Lumpur so you will be able to use Timbre Group membership app in Malaysia soon!

Make sure that you inform our service staff that you would like to close your bill to your membership account even though you might be with friends. This will ensure that all earned T$ goes into your account.

If there are a few of you who are using Timbre membership app and would like to merge all individual bills into one main bill, please note that only ONE member will earn the T$. Once bills are merged, we are unable to unmerge. So choose wisely!

When you close your bill at Timbre as a member, the earned T$ will be instantaneously credited into your account. You may need to refresh your app to see the revised T$ balance.

All T$ will expire in six months time from transaction date. We will notify you 30 days in advance via the app for T$ about to expire.

You can check your balance in profile section of the app. It is also reflected in each venue section of the app.

You will receive a notification in your app and see the e-voucher in respective venues voucher section. Upon usage, e-voucher will disappear from your app. To make sure that you know when an e-voucher has been received, please be sure to allow notifications on the app. We promise to only send good stuff your way!

Yes, they do. Please do check the e-voucher details for expiry date. Expiry dates for e-vouchers vary. Please use the e-voucher before expiry date. Expired e-voucher will remain in your app for seven days and disappear after that.

You will receive your birthday perk as an e-voucher seven days before your birthday. It is valid for 30 days upon issuance of e-voucher.

Yes, you will be able to view all your transactions on the app. Please note that each venue will only list transactions made for that specific venue.

For security reasons, you are unable to change your personal information on the app direct. You can write in to us at info@timbregroup.asia with your request for us to run necessary verification checks and update your personal information.

So long as you are a registered Timbre Group member, we can identify you with your mobile number. This means that you can use another mobile phone, re-download the app and sign in as an existing member with the same mobile number. Your status, perks and T$ remain the same even when you switched (physical) mobile phones.

If you have changed your mobile number however, please contact us at info@timbregroup.asia so we can make necessary verification checks and update your personal information.