Welcome to the Timbre Reservation System.

Please read all terms and conditions carefully before submission of your reservation.

Reservations can only be made via Timbre Group’s Reservation System. We do not take in phone reservations.

Once your reservation is confirmed via the system, you will see a pop-up box indicating its confirmation status. Additionally, an email with your reservations will be sent to you.

If you see that you are on waiting list after you have placed your reservation, our staff will be contacting you within the next 48 hours.

Through this system, we accept reservations for the following venues:

  • Timbre @ The Arts House (opens Monday to Sunday)
  • Timbre @ Gillman (opens Tuesday to Sunday)
  • Timbre @ The Substation (opens Monday to Saturday)
  • Timbre @ The Row in Kuala Lumpur (opens Tuesday to Sunday)
  • Barber Shop by Timbre (opens Wednesday to Saturday)
  • Switch by Timbre (opens Monday to Saturday)

Please note that there is a minimum 1 drink purchase for walk in/reservation customers to the above listed venues.

If you would like to reserve for Timbre+, please email info@timbregroup.asia with full details (date, time, no. of pax, contact number).

Please submit your reservations online early to avoid disappointment. Reservation requests for same day reservations must be made before 3pm daily to be accepted, pending availability.

Reservations are only accepted for these timings:

  • 6pm to 8.30pm from Saturday to Thursday (all venues)
  • 6pm to 7.30pm on Friday, eve of and on public holiday (all venues)
  • 4pm to 8.30pm on Saturday (Timbre @ Gillman only)
  • 12pm to 8pm on Sunday (Timbre @ Gillman only)

We do not allow duplicate submission of reservations.


Holding of Reservations:
We will hold reservations for a maximum of 15 minutes before we release the table. Please also ensure that all guests arrive within 30 minutes of the booking time as the management reserves the right to give up your seats or table at our discretion of our managers. 80% of the party must be present before being seated on Friday, Saturday, eve of and public holidays (except Timbre+ and Timbre @ The Row).

Changes to Confirmed Reservations:
We reserve the right to change table arrangements without prior notice. Reservations may also be reallocated to other venues should there be event bookings. In such circumstances, we will inform you prior to your reservation date.

Reservations that do not comply with the above terms and conditions will automatically be rejected.

For any other enquiries, please email info@timbregroup.asia.

We look forward to serve you at our venues.

Do you agree to the above terms?