ShiLi & Adi perform as one of the most popular duos in Singapore’s live music scene. They are no stranger to the big stage, having sung for Singapore Presidents S.R. Nathan and Dr. Tony Tan, the Sultan of Malaysia, PM Lee Hsien Loong and other dignitaries, since embarking on their musical journey six years ago.

They have graced both local and international stages. Highlights include performances at the F1 Singapore Grand Prix from September 2012 to 2015, Young NTUC Celebrates National Day Parade 2012 and 2013 each time to 15,000 celebrants, and also in Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Makassar to serenade audiences in various parts of the region.

Singapore pop princess, Stefanie Sun single-handedly picked the duo to perform alongside her at her best friend’s wedding at W Hotel. ShiLi & Adi were also invited by Indonesian TV stations Kompas TV and JTV for special appearances​ and interviews. In 2016 with a full band, they sold out their concert a week before the concert.

Turbochicken (aka Shawn) – Percussionist

Known for his unorthodox and innovative methods in hand drums, Shawn aka Turbochicken, is one of YouTube’s most prominent contemporary percussionists with over two million views. He has performed with YouTube sensations Sungha Jung, David Choi and Tiffany Alvord, and has worked with award-winning artistes. Shawn is an artiste with Spanish cajon maker DeGregorio.

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Timbre @ Gillman: Wednesday, 7.15pm

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