SuperSonic is an eclectic mix of experienced musicians who came together with a common goal – to share their music with the masses. Comprising of talented individuals with years of experience shared amongst them in the local music scene as well as abroad, SuperSonic is an act that promises to invigorate live music lovers from all walks of life. From top 40’s rock to evergreen classics and more, their wide repertoire encompasses different genres that cater to all ages.

Resident Gig Schedule
Timbre X @ Gillman: Tuesday, 7:15pm
Timbre+: Wednesday, 7:45pm and Friday, 8:30pm
Timbre X @ The Arts House: Thursday, 8:15pm
Timbre X @ The Substation: Saturday, 10.15pm

For bookings and enquiries on bands, please contact:

Lee Lishi 
Content Creation Manager-In-Training

Germaine Or
Junior Content Creation Executive