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#KeepMusicAlive is back with Season 2!

After 10 Facebook broadcasts and garnering a total video views of 125,000 (numbers are still growing with repeated views), #KeepMusicAlive is back for a 2nd season! #KeepMusicAlive is an online music broadcast of your favourite Timbre bands, mixing pre-recorded full band performances with live chat segments, to keep the power of live music going during these challenging times. In this season, #KeepMusicAlive features 4 more bands, creating their own unique online hour-long performances. The musicians will perform in their individual homes, while audiences can enjoy the Timbre experience in the safety of their living rooms, sharing messages and dedications shout-outs via comments. Co-presented by Timbre Group and EBX Live!, we believe in standing together with our musicians and industry partners to demonstrate that the music will never, ever stop.

Switch by Timbre X Facebook Page: @SwitchSG
Timbre X Facebook Page: @TimbreSG
Timbre+ Facebook Page: @Timbreplus

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