Jerome Mak and Johan Lee worked the circuit for a few years as solo performers. The magic happened when they crossed paths in 2014 and that’s when the dynamic duo (who also performed as a trio or quartet) came together as a band.

Their love and passion for music brought joy to people. Entertaining their audience with their wit is second nature to them. They have always believed that to keep the crowd entertained, all you’ve got to do is just to have fun on stage. But don’t be fooled by their casualness on stage, the duo impresses with their harmonious vocals and tight instrument-work. Johan & Jerome have a multi-faceted repertoire covering  the 80’s, 90’s, to the current Top 40s.


Jerome takes the longest toilet break. In between sets, he will take up 15mins to soap himself up.

Johan is half-Chinese and half-Malay but tremendously bad in both mother tongues.

People at times do not know which one is Johan and Jerome.

Jamie is super picky with food. Favourite is Maggi Mee Goreng but tak nak pedas tak nak sayur tak nak cucumber (no spice, no vegetables, no cucumber) and sauce on the side.