Timbre Music Academy

Timbre Music Academy (TMA) offers formal and practical music education that focuses on theory, technique and the real world aspects of a LIVE performing musician.

Programmes are taught by professional gigging musicians such as Mang from O.K. READY!, Sara Wee from 53A, Helmizar and Yazzit from Sweatshop Jam just to name a few. These instructor impart extensive live music experience to help develop and inspire a student’s showmanship, poise, repertoire selection and communication with the audience.

TMA is also the only music school with six live music venues in Singapore. Students get to perform together with their instructors in front of a live audience every Sunday at Timbre @ The Arts House. Our best students will also be offered gig opportunities in the near future. TMA believes that to fully learn music, you have to take it to the stage!

Apart from music, TMA also offers dance classes of varying levels taught by established dance instructors in the lindy dance field. The academy also works with corporate organisations and institutions to provide mentorship and development programmes in both the music and dance realms.

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