Alvin 陈勇豪 《同名EP与音乐发表会》

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Alvin Tan, a local singer-songwriter, started singing at the age of 13 and participated in countless singing and composing competitions; many which he achieved dazzling results!

Be sure to catch Alvin at his EP Launch and Music Showcase on 29 February from 8pm as he performs his newly released single “Giving Up On Love” and several new originals from his EP!

Alvin 陈勇豪是一位新加坡的创作歌手。勇豪在13岁那年开始学唱歌。过去几年,他参加过无数的歌唱及创作比赛并夺得许多亮眼的成绩! 勇豪近期发行了自己的个人单曲《放弃去爱你》。 他会在229日晚上8点钟,于 Switch by Timbre X 举行的《同名EP与音乐发表会》和大家分享此曲和其他创作!

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