Retrofocus is a 7 person alumnus of Republic Poly graduates who decided to follow their dream of starting a band together in 2016. They first met in “Replug IG”, a club in Republic Polytechnic that specialises in making covers of various pop songs. They got to experience playing many genres of music, which includes funk, acoustic, pop and jazz. This combined with having similar musical tastes helped them make music that fits multiple genres, becoming the Retrofocus we know today.

The influence of jazz fusion, funk and dance music gleaned from their experience performing in Replug IG inspired them to create their own fresh twist on pop music. They achieved success and found their niche through fusing popular music with different genres, accompanied by groovy rhythms and catchy melodies. They aim to redefine modern day pop into a fusion of genres, helping to bring a new feel into the music industry.

Retrofocus is made up of Kaiser (Keyboardist), Jo (Lead Vocalist), Bob (Percussionist), Sam (Rhythm guitars), Juan Ezwan (Lead guitars), Isk (Bassist), and Syafiq (Drummer). Hazi (Backup Vocalist) is a sessionist who sings for Retrofocus from time to time, first seen in “Hands Around”